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What is an aneurysm clip?

Understanding what an aneurysm clip is.

What is an aneurysm clip? The Implantable Intracranial Clips for cerebral aneurysm, the Aneurysm Clips, are devices used solely for closing and / or isolation of veins and / or arteries due to Cerebral Aneurysms in human beings.

The cerebral aneurysm is a congenital or acquired condition and occurs when a blood vessel is abnormally dilated in the brain, forming a “bubble” (saccular formation). This dilation is caused by a weakness of the wall of an artery or vein in the brain. A cerebral aneurysm is a kind of stroke, which is caused by a disturbance in the blood stream of a part of the brain due to occlusion or rupture of a blood vessel.

Clips for aneurysm

What is an aneurysm clip? Clips for aneurysm.


A stroke can be Ischemic – when occurs the lack or reduction of cerebral blood flow – or hemorrhagic – when changes occur in the permeability of cerebral blood vessels or even breakage of same.

The Implantable Intracranial clips are generally indicated for the hemorrhagic type aneurysms. Your goal is to prevent the occurrence of a break with consequent bleeding within the brain cavities. The implanted clip acts closing the walls of the vein or artery, allowing blood flow to be maintained within the circulatory system. This procedure aims to minimize the risk of a stroke. See Figures 01 and 02.

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To assist the procedure, normally neurosurgeon makes use of a forceps (instrumental type “staple”), so that he can applyes the clip in the exact location with increased security. This forceps acts to “embrace” and open the device for “clipping” of the base of the aneurysm. Use of this appropriate instrument (Clip Applicator or Applicator) is necessary to preserve the integrity of the clip, especially its pressure, that is, its closing force. These applicators should be compatible with the type and clip size to be implanted.

Implantable clips for Intracranial Aneurysms are part of a technique already in use in neurosurgery. According to some scientific publications, “in 1966, the first studies were published about Spetzler clip manufactured from chemically pure titanium (99.5%), initially by ElektaInstruments Inc. (USA) and nowadays by NMTNitinol Medical Technologies USA).