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ADCA´s aneurysm clips were tested ensuring the safety of its use in patients undergoing imaging by MRI. Assays were performed by qualified and specialized laboratory following ASTM F2503-13.

The use of ADCA titanium clips are not capable of causing injury to patients due to the movement of the implant, being its use safe for environment whose magnetic field does not exceed 3 tesla.

Heating clip by RF induction was studied in 1.5 and 3.0 tesla fields as per ASTM F2182-11a. The maximum heating value, taking into account the worst case were 1.1°C and 1.5°C to 1.5 and 3.0 tesla fields, respectively. Transitory temperature rise of 1 to 2°C in patients while undergone to magnetic resonance imaging, are tolerated without any physiological effect.

The clips were also tested to determine their interference in the images obtained in MRI environments as per ASTM F2119-07. The results showed, taking into account the worst case (MXT-111 – 35,4mm x 7,58mm), distortion as shown below:

Artefact (worst case) Spin Echo Gradiente Echo
Length (35,4mm) 7,00mm 8,48mm
Width (7,58mm) 7,49mm 6,97mm
The MRI artefacts affect the object around in accordance with magnitudes above.

MR System: Verio, Siemens Medical Solutions, Erlangen, Germany, 3 Tesla, horizontal static magnetic field, actively shielded.

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